Women, Chaos and X

A Solo Exhibition by Maggi Hodge

September 28 – November 2, 2019


“Hodge examines our politically, emotionally and sexually chaotic world with bold brush strokes, rich, dynamic color and raw, unfettered gestures. A powerful grace within each canvas speaks to the compliment of chaos, the beauty in so-called disorder and the subsequent birth of the latent creativity within.” — Laura Hull, Artist and Photographer



 November 9 – December 21, 2019


“Throughout art history, artists have intentionally distorted the human figure to create some of the most well known and impactful masterpieces. The featured works function together as both an acknowledgment of the historical trajectory of artists creating figurative works, and a deviation from the standard ideas of taste, pushing the boundaries and redesigning figuration as the artist imagines it to be. By contorting the figure, the artist advances the composition, generating the bizarre with the goal to lead the viewer through an open-ended story of emotional intensity and humor. Morph is an incautious attempt to capture the opposite of reality and provoke a challenging artistic appreciation.” — Haleh Mashian, Curator



Curated by Haleh Mashian 

August 17 – September 21, 2019


“Lumen is a colorful exhibition exploring the active relationships shared between illuminated light and painted surface.” 

Lumen Artists include Aaron Axelrod, Zara Monet Feeney, Marko Gavrilovic, Laura Payne, Angela Johal, and Lisa Schulte (Right). 

Lumiere, Lisa Schulte, 2019.


New works by Haleh Mashian

Curated by Peter Frank 

June 29 – August 10, 2019


 A lyrical collection of paintings commemorating the allure and ever-changing beauty of the forest. 

“These paintings are sly and alluring in their refusal to be simple or straightforward…. They reaffirm the Impressionists’ and Abstractionists’ claim – demonstration, really, – that what you see is what you see, it just happens not to be what you’re looking at.”  — Peter Frank

Surface Spectrum

Curated by Mark Murphy

April 27 – June 8, 2019

Surface Spectrum features a multi-disciplined approach to contemporary art featuring fluid brush strokes, dimensional adornments, sculptural treatments, textiles and a mix of all of the fore mentioned.”  — Mark Murphy

Surface Spectrum featured artists include Scott Albrecht, Vanessa Barragao, Susan Carr, Ty Nathan Clark, Chris DeKnikker, Stephen D’Onofrio (Right), Richard Downs, Stefan Heyer, Haleh Mashian, Jaybo Monk, John Monn, and Fran O’Neill

Radiant Spectrum

Curated by Mark Murphy

March 9 – April 20, 2019

“Radiant Spectrum establishes color as a central character, and presents an eclectic variety of modern expressions created specifically for this salon-inspired installation.” — Mark Murphy

Radiant Spectrum featured artists include Michelle A. Benoit, Jud Bergeron, Kelsey Brookes, Jill Carlock, Christian Clayton,  Nate Harris, Terry Hoff (Right), Shaelin Jornigan, Tasha Kusama, Kevin Long – aka – Spanky, David Shillinglaw, Bonnie Marie Smith, Tricia Strickfaden, and Marco Zamora 


New works by Haleh Mashian

Curated by Helene Brown

January 19 – March 2, 2019


Figurine by Haleh Mashian presents a diverse collection of contemporary and figural paintings working together to evoke a harmonious narrative. Deeply personal, Haleh’s compositions are painterly reflections fashioned during pinnacle times of her life. Haleh Mashian shares, “Figurine walks inside the mirror of my life.”




Curated by Lisa Derrick

November 17 – December 22


“I had long envisioned an art show where the artists whose works were on the walls would model Los Angeles designers. When I saw Haleh Mashian’s art-inspired Maison H. line, it clicked, and I began to build an art show that elaborated on the influences present in Southern California art and fashion.”          — Lisa Derrick

CoutureMash featured artists include Ron Athey and Sean Griffin, Sharon Bell, Katherine Brannock, Lavaille Campbell,  Golgo, Marian Liddell, Haleh Mashian, Patrick Nagel, Melanie Pullen, Leigh Salgado, Aaron Smith, Anise Stevens, Vakseen (Right), and Andy Warhol

Nature Worship

Curated by Andi Campognone

October 6 – November 10, 2018


 “It is my intention that this collection of beautiful, powerful work arouses the viewer and strengthens their desire to respect and protect the natural world.”          — Andi Campognone

Nature Worship featured artists include Kim Abeles, China Adams, Kelly Berg, Kimberly Brooks (Right), Rebecca Campbell, Terry Cervantes, Samantha Fields, Sant Khalsa, Laurie Lipton, Haleh Mashian,  Catherine Ruane, Allison Schulnik, and Lisa Schulte



Curated by Mat Gleason

August 25 – September 29, 2018

“This exhibit includes a cross section of Southern California artists united by their use of red yet oppositional in many regards: famous and unknown, female and male, privileged and political, alive and dead, formal and subjective, related and hermetic, figurative and abstract… but all present here, harmonizing in their use of the color of blood, lava, wine, and fire.” — Mat Gleason

Incarnadine featured artists include Peter Alexander, Aaron Axelrod, Aliza Bejarano, Rouzanna Berberian, April Bey, Dwora Fried, Ginger Lai, Haleh Mashian, John McCracken, Andy Moses (Right), Ed Moses, Oscar Nava, Loren Philip, Sandy Rodriguez, Ed Ruscha, Melinda R. Smith, Charles Swenson, Brian Tucker, Tyler Waxman, Eric Zammitt