Southern California light artist Lisa Schulte bends light into art. Lisa, who is also known as the Neon Queen, is first and foremost, an artist. Her sculptures artfully combine found organic materials and hand-crafted neon tubes into illuminated sculptures.

Color Fields by Lisa Schulte, top view detail

Lisa shares, “Light has always been my inspiration. I work primarily in neon for its delicacy and illumination. Neon glass has a willingness to be transformed into a form perfect for exploring light and space with itself.”

Preliminary development in the studio.

Lisa Schulte has created a sight-specific greenhouse installation, Color Fields, to be featured during LUMEN at Mash Gallery August 17 – Sept 21.

“When one enters the greenhouse,
my intention is to convey a feeling of peace
and serenity and enchantment.

Neon Flowers detail

When examining my installation and the featured works inside of my oversized greenhouse the viewer is invited to look past what might be ‘expected’ with close observation of what’s inside. Are there similarities between my abstract neon flowers versus the reality of actual flowers? And, Does the greenhouse interior challenge what the viewer might expect to see inside of an actual greenhouse?

LUMIERE, 6’ x 6’ x 3,” white metal panel of rainbow neon, 2019 (detail)

My art form expresses concepts of fragility; each piece is made of materials requiring the observer to handle them delicately, much like how you might handle real flowers.

Lisa Schulte neon flowers details
Neon Flower

The greenhouse structure symbolizes protection away from the harsh elements. For example, real plants and my neon compositions both require gas and depend on a delicate balance for their life and energy. Plants and flowers need adequate carbon gases to grow; neon inherently needs an adequate amount of gas to be trapped inside of the tubes for illumination.

LUSTER at Mash Gallery
Lisa Schulte presents a light-art installation, “Color Fields”

Atypical greenhouses require light from outside in. In contrast, my neon creates color from the inside out, thus producing a rainbow effect as observed from the outside of the greenhouse.”

Neon Flower detail

Lisa Schulte’s work has been exhibited in many galleries across the United States, including museum exhibits at the Museum of Neon Art and commissioned pieces for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Lisa Schulte’s studio practice, Nights of Neon is a unique boutique house for custom neon fabrication, creating both personal art and commercial works.

RSVP for LUMEN, August 17. LUMEN. Photography by Jennifer Calderon