Surface Spectrum, curated by Mark Murphy, features 12 world-class artists representing contrasting art movements including Textile Design, Gestural Painting, Art Brut, Earth Works, Abstraction and Surrealism.

Stefan Heyer

Free to the public, artists have created original paintings, sculptures and textural, mixed-media renditions. Surface Spectrum inventory list is available here.

Jaybo Monk

Guests of Surface Spectrum at Mash Gallery, located in the heart of the Los Angeles arts district, will be introduced to an exhibition featuring Berlin artist Jaybo Monk, who’s surrealistic narrative forms are reminiscent of Francis Bacon (1909-1992).

Scott Albrecht

In compliment to Abstract Expressionist Cy Twombly (1928-2011), Hamburg artist Stefan Heyer renders paint into a contemporary blur, where message and image are transformed into one lyrical, gestural narrative.

Vanessa Barragao

Portuguese textile designer, Vanessa Barragao presents Full Moon, a sensorial fabrication comprised of discarded fiber materials and shares, “I want to make people feel like they are in harmony within their own universe.’” For the artist, the surface of the Moon represents a tranquil place with its particular lack of sound and gravity, and searching for its counterpart on Earth, one must dive deep into the ocean.

Ty Nathan Clark
Ty Nathan Clark (detail)

Featured artists include Scott Albrecht (Brooklyn, NY – L), Vanessa Barragao (Porto, Portugal), Susan Carr (Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Sculpture C), Ty Nathan Clark (Waco, Texas),

Chris DeKnikker (Denver, Colorado), Stephen D’Onofrio (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Painting Top), Richard Downs (Sacramento, California), Stefan Heyer (Hamburg, Germany – Painting CTR), Haleh Mashian (Santa Monica, California), Jaybo Monk (Berlin, Germany – R), John Monn (Los Angeles, California – L), and Fran O’Neill (Brooklyn, New York – Painting R).