Los Angeles artist John Monn presents nine masterful wall reliefs in Surface Spectrum.

John’s process evolves in the studio, as he searches for a perfect dollop and swirl of piled up paint. He shares, “The idea behind them is a loose interpretation of Light and Space. I was trying to teach myself how to make perfect high-gloss paintings that would reflect and absorb the spectra of light, much like a rainbow. ”

John Monn’s eye for color transforms the multi-dimensional surfaces into living organics that elevate as you walk up and around his work. He contributes this effect to, “Transparent candy colors sprayed over mirrored chrome finishes.”

Silver deposit with urethane clear and candy color on poly primed epoxy paste,
over epoxy, soaked canvas over plywood. 7.5 x 5.5 inches

John Monn is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. His work utilizes a range of materials, creating theatrical installations, paintings, and sculpture amongst others.

Monn’s practice currently centers around a repetitious process of gestural models sketched in 3D. The models help hone fluid forms to then craft objects that inspire introspection.

Pirated Spaces 02, 2019 
Silver deposit with urethane clear and candy color on epoxy paste adhered to archival inkjet print mounted to aluminum of unauthorized, photoshopped gallery view
16 X 16 X 2 inches

John also plays with scale both digitally and with physical objects presented in ways to alter perception and to spike curiosity in materials and environment. Learn more about John Monn, and visit him on Instagram.

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