Los Angeles artist Haleh Mashian evokes a harmonious narrative. Deeply personal, Haleh’s painterly compositions are personal reflections fashioned over pinnacle times of her life.

Rain Dance 1 and 2, Mixed Media on Panel, 36 x 36 inches, 2019

Haleh often entwines three unique painterly themes: Nature, Tears, and the Female Figure. All three motifs represent a twenty-year focus on boldly painting within the moment, working with live models, and incorporating a variety of different mixed media in her paintings. 

Luster by Haleh Mashian solo art exhibition.

Haleh Mashian presents two impasto paintings featuring resin casts of water droplets captured in metallic silver and gold.

Haleh Mashian art studio.

Surface Spectrum curated by Mark Murphy is on view through June 8th at Mash Gallery in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Open weekly Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 – 6:00 PM.

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