Stephen D’Onofrio presents two paintings in Surface Spectrum.

Philadephia fine artist Stephen D’Onofrio breaks through the classical composition of still life and breaks it down into narrative abstraction.

Contemporary painter Stephen D’Onofrio at work in his studio.

Stephen has a keen interest in commercialism and the marketing of home decor, contemporary art, and visual design. Represented by Galleri Urbane, Stephen is prepping for his second solo exhibition, Market Research.

Preliminary drawings from the studio of contemporary painter Stephen D’Onofrio.

Stephen shares, “In these works, I continue to use the classical composition of still life, but instead of taking a passive approach of displaying these images, I am examining them through dissections and colliding juxtapositions.

Surface Spectrum curated by Mark Murphy
Mash Gallery presents Surface Spectrum

The new paintings expand their reach of what they are pulling from, looking at popular gradients and color combinations, to images evocative of logos and signage. Market Research serves as somewhat of a field study for collecting and acquiring the images and pop patterns of today’s commercial world and brings them back to my still life composition for further examination.”

Exceptional technical details.

Surface Spectrum is on view through June 8th and features two exceptional works by Stephen D’Onofrio. You can learn more about Stephen and visit him on Instagram.

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