David Shillinglaw is a mind adventurer, where the left half of the brain explores the right one. Unanswered, impulsive, instinctive and restless David Shillinglaw is not afraid to humanize his art.

Reality is a Shared Hallucination, Acrylic, Housepaint on Canvas, 2019

He incorporates the perceptual concern of his journey as a man with his own sense of humor. The result is a powerful and fresh interpretation of everyday reality. His art has the appeal of Pop but a friendly, subtle, self-effacing Pop that presents the ordinary and delights the viewer when he shows that you have your best conversation with yourself.

Reality is a Shared Hallucination, 2019 and Hallucination Study, 2019

London based artist David Shillinglaw was born of British parents in 1982 in the Middle East, which may explain his thirst for travel and exhibiting in galleries worldwide. Please visit David Shillinglaw’s website and Instagram. David Shillinglaw is featured in Radiant Spectrum curated by Mark Murphy.