Mash Gallery will be featured in the upcoming issue of Artillery Magazine in preparation for Radiant Spectrum.

Christian Clayton, Emotion: Love, Mixed Media

Radiant Spectrum
March 9 — April 6, 2019
Mash Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Bonnie Marie Smith, Sculptures

Radiant Spectrum is a celebration of color theory featuring a curated selection of today’s finest contemporary artists.

Marco Zamora, Wheelers and Dealers

Mash Gallery Opening on Saturday, March 9, 2019, 7 PM — 10:30 PM

Radiant Spectrum Artist PANEL, PRESS and Collector PREVIEW
March 8, 2019, 6:30 — 8 PM

Sarah Potter, Color Psychic Event

Radiant Spectrum Special Event
Color Psychic Sarah Potter — March 23, 6 PM — 9 PM

Tricia Strickfaden artist studio

Featured Artists
Kelsey Brookes (painting)
Christian Clayton (works on paper series)
Erik Foss (works on paper series)
Terry Hoff (sculpture assemblage series)
Tasha Kusama (2-3 painting series)
Joe Roberts, LSD Worldpeace (works on paper series)
David Shillinglaw (diptych painting)
Bonnie Marie Smith (sculptural assemblage series)
Tricia Strickfaden (Mixed-Media Assemblage, Painting)
Kellesimone Waits (Mixed-Media Assemblage)
Terry Hoff (painting series)
Michelle A. Benoit (Sculptural Painting Objects)
Marco Zamora (paintings)
Kevin Long – aka – Spanky (works on paper series)
Shaelin Jornigan (Painting)
Nate Harris (Mixed Media Installation)
Jud Bergeron (Sculpture)
Jill Carlock (Painting)
Marco Zamora (Painting)
Kevin Long — Spanky (works on paper series)