Tango With the Stars at Mash Gallery features Dancing With the Stars dancers Jordi Caballero and Ekaterina Fedosova on Thursday, February 7, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

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This one night, pre-Valentines exclusive features dance performances beginning at 7:30 PM and professional Tango dance instruction by Jordi Caballero and Ekaterina Fedosova. We’re getting ready and caught up with Jordi Caballero in celebration of this wonderful Tango premiere.

Mash Gallery asks Jordi, “Tango is an inspiring ballroom dance that has contributed to the narrative of dance history. What inspires you to continue elevating your practice of TANGO? What was the ah ha moment that inspired you to practice the art of TANGO as a career?”

Jordi Caballero shares, “When you begin to Tango it resembles staring at a white canvas. Anything can be projected onto it. Through love, music, and movement, the dance begins and the ‘painting’ begins to emerge. Once you experience this passionate process, you are ‘hooked!’ You’ll naturally want to keep learning and growing, so that you may express yourself more fully and continue to ‘paint’ until you reveal your masterpiece. Once you experience this, there’s no turning back!’

Mash Gallery inquires, “TANGO with the STARS at Mash Gallery on February 7th is an opportunity to be entertained and inspired by your accomplished style of dance. If you had to describe the opportunity to inspire, instruct and celebrate the art of TANGO, what would you like to share?”

Jordi Caballero responds, “Watching a Tango performance is like watching a thousand, uniquely different, dancing profiles… it’s moving sculpture. As we perform, we look to inspire and invite others to learn the wonderful art of Tango. In fact, after our performance at Mash Gallery, we’ll begin to teach the art lovers in the gallery, not just to watch the art in motion, but become a part of it. The boundaries shared between the paintings in Figurine, the tango dancers, and everyone in attendance will all become a part of the artistic experience. As we all dance, we all become one together.”

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