Mash Gallery presents Figurine by Los Angeles artist Haleh Mashian, Saturday, January 19 through March 2, 2019, and curated by Helene Brown of Fresh Paint Art Advisors.

Figurative mixed media painting by Haleh Mashian, 48 x 48 inches, 2018

Fortunately, we caught up with Figurine curator Helene Brown, and proudly share the following interview.

Mash Gallery – What inspires you as a curator, art consultant and all around knowledge source in the contemporary art world?

Helene Brown – ”What inspires me in curating and consulting for a client is going through the process of meeting with the client to ascertain their thoughts for space whether it’s a corporation, private collector or hospitality project and expanding, developing and selecting artists that are beyond their initial concept or expectation.

It ’s when a client says “how did you know that piece is perfect…I would have never thought of that direction as we listen to the client and take it to the next level. It is rewarding to see everything come together at the time of the installation and the client is happy with their collection.”

Mash Gallery – How has the curation and exchange with Los Angeles painter Haleh Mashian progressed to create her new exhibit Figurine?

Helene Brown – “I have enjoyed getting to know Haleh Mashian. It’s been a mutual exchange, and a personal opportunity to learn more about her life experiences, which is reflected in all of her work. Haleh is a multi-talented artist whose personal interests include composing music, designing fashion and painting within her studio. The actual process of selecting and curating Haleh’s artistic range has been extremely gratifying and seamless. Haleh and I exchanged many dynamic and inspirational life stories, and her accounts are celebrated in this body of work which includes a variety of different representational artistic genres featuring: figurative, expressionism and abstract art.”

Haleh Mashian

Figurine by Haleh Mashian opens at the Mash Gallery, Saturday, January 19 from 6 PM – 9 PM and is curated by Helene Brown of Fresh Paint Art Advisors. (Figurine by Haleh Mashian Press Release).

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Thank you to Helene for sharing her unique perspective and presenting the work of Haleh Mashian in this dynamic collection for Figurine. Haleh Mashian is currently represented in Los Angeles by Fresh Paint Art Advisors.