Surface Spectrum Artist Feature: Vanessa Barragão 
Vanessa Barragão designs textiles suitable for a museum installation.

Vanessa was born in Albufeira, in the south of Portugal. Her studio was founded in 2014 when she attended a Master degree program at the Lisbon University in fashion and textile design. There she developed her first wool yarn collection and tapestries through an ecological artisanal process.

Full Moon is a sensorial rug with quite a unique goal: to make people feel like they are in harmony within their own universe and totally focused on themselves.

For the artist, the surface of the Moon represents a tranquil place with its particular lack of sound and gravity and to find a similar environment on Earth, one must dive deep into the ocean.
The shapes of this rug are inspired by the different blurs of the Moon’s gravity field and the coral reefs of the sea. The surface of the Full Moon rug is filled with tons of textures which can be seen and felt by the different quality of materials and in the details of little crochet urchins inserted in different sculpted levels of hand-tuft.

“Full Moon”, 2017
Latch Hook, hand tuft, embroidery, felt and crochet
98.5 inches x 98.5 inches
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Surface Spectrum is on view through June 8th at Mash Gallery in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Open weekly Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 – 6:00 PM.