Surface Spectrum Artist Feature: Stefan Heyer @being_stefan_heyer .
Mash Gallery is proud to introduce contemporary artist Stefan Heyer, based in Hamburg and Barcelona. —

“I set out to explore the vast territory between my personal West German, pop culture-embossed upbringing, political issues from the past, history in general, and our postmodern alienation. With my style, I want to reach an essence and pureness and authenticity beyond superficial levels of meaning. I have a very clear imagination of the approximate. Working with opposites, I mix abstraction with the tangibility of the visible world.” “My main motive is the search for a new beauty in the contradiction of our reality. As it is with a good poem, the poetical sound, the lyrical vibe, needs to ignite the reader. The semantic level can gradually get discovered. Ambiguities are to be tolerated and withstood – it should not be too comfortable. If I immediately know what’s going on, it is getting boring. A painting should remain a mystery.”

Stefan has exhibited his works in shows and art fairs all over the world including Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Genova, Vienna, and Brussels. His first solo exhibition was at Mono Gallery in Hamburg. Most recently, his work is on display at the Lanoue Gallery in Boston, Jean-Pierre Botella Gallery in St. Tropez/ France and Marco Antonio Patrizio Gallery in Padua/ Italy. In August he will have a solo exhibition at the The Art Corner in Amman/ Jordania.

Stefan Heyer @being_stefan_heyer
Untitled (Reflection on Creation and Space I), 2019
Oil, Oil Pastel, Photo Transfer, Wax Crayon, Charcoal, Pencil on Canvas
69 x 57 inches

Surface Spectrum is on view through June 8th at Mash Gallery in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Open weekly Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 – 6:00 PM.

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